daniella Sep 19 | 🛠 Making Plum

📆 Monthly Update: September

There have been heatwaves and (mini)hurricanes but more has been happening at Plum HQ than in the MET office this month.... Read post

Sep 19 | 🛠 Making Plum

How Plum can help you get out of your overdraft once and for all

This month we have been working on how to help our users say goodbye to their overdraft for good.... Read post

Sep 11 | 🛠 Making Plum

How we protect your bank details

We explain why we need your bank details, what we do with them and how your details, and money, are kept safe.... Read post

Aug 30 | 💰Savings Squad

10 Weird things you can do to save £7k a year

Lots of us are already squeezing every last drop out of our paycheck and can’t see where... Read post

Aug 28 | 🎓 Investment Academy

Our Advanced Funds

In this article, you will find a detailed explanation of our Advanced Funds: Tech, Ethical and Emerging Markets.... Read post

Aug 28 | 🎓 Investment Academy

Our Basic Funds

In this article, you will find a detailed explanation of our Basic Funds: Conservative, Balanced and Growth. Plum... Read post

daniella Aug 24 | 👯‍♀️ Plumsters

Meet Dan

We said hellow to Support Lead, father, soon to be husband and Plumster Dan Coleman from West Sussex about why he loves Plum!... Read post

Aug 24 | 🎓 Investment Academy

Is investing right for me?

In this article we go through a checklist to help you decide if you should invest and some things to consider when deciding how much to invest and for how long.... Read post

Aug 23 | 🛠 Making Plum

How we stop Zuckers from seeing your bank details

This is how we make sure that the only person who sees your details is you.... Read post

daniella Aug 22 | 👯‍♀️ Plumsters

Meet Rachel

‘Day in the life of’ is our new series so you can get to know the humans behind Plum and what it’s really like working in a high growth tech startup. Today we’re talking to Rachel.... Read post

Aug 16 | 🎓 Investment Academy

Investment Jargon Buster

Brush up on the common terms and phrases used when talking about investments, so you can walk the walk AND talk the talk.... Read post

daniella Aug 14 | 🛠 Making Plum

📆 Monthly Update: August 2018

Here is a list of what we have been up to in July, what we have planned for August and some of our favourite highlights inbetween.... Read post

Aug 2 | 🎓 Investment Academy

What to do if my investment is down?

Plum is a finance savvy chatbot that uses AI to help you manage your money and be better... Read post

Aug 2 | 🎓 Investment Academy

How Plum investing works

This article shines some light on how investing with Plum works and what you can expect.... Read post

Aug 2 | 🎓 Investment Academy

Making your first investment

In this article we take you through the steps to making your first investment with Plum.... Read post

Elise Nunn Jul 30 | 🛠 Making Plum

Why are my payments pending?

Speed of payments is something that affects all our users. Some of you love the delay as it... Read post

Jul 11 | 🛠 Making Plum

You spoke and we listened: Monzo and Starling are now live on Plum!

The news is in: as of today new and existing Plum users can connect their Monzo and Starling accounts to Plum!... Read post

Elise Nunn Jul 2 | 🛠 Making Plum

The Typeform data breach and how Plum dealt with it

All bank account information and money is safe, for all Plum customers. What is the breach? This weekend... Read post

Jun 11 | 🎓 Investment Academy

Why invest?

Today is an exciting day in the history of Plum. We are announcing the pre-launch of Plum Investments.... Read post

Elise Nunn May 24 | 🛠 Making Plum

GDPR (and why you should be excited about it) 🤖

What is GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation, more commonly known as the GDPR, will be coming into... Read post

daniella May 22 | 💰Savings Squad

Say no to bad exchange rates.

We've teamed up with Transferwise and Resolver to bring you our 2nd Fee Fighting tool to Fight Overseas... Read post

daniella May 21 | 👯‍♀️ Plumsters

Meet Elle

We checked in with wholesale allocations assistant, netballer and Plumster Elle Frost from Brixton about why she uses... Read post

daniella Apr 19 | 💰Savings Squad

7 Dream holidays without breaking the bank

The heatwave has given us a taste of sunshine but we all know British weather is not to be relied on. Guarantee those rays, dust of that beach towel, and leave your budget at home.... Read post

daniella Apr 10 | 💰Savings Squad

To pay or not to pay? Student loans explained.

Find out exactly how much you should pay and what to do if you have been overcharged.... Read post

Kevin Debien Mar 27 | 💰Savings Squad

These 5 UK FinTech companies will save you money

Let's take a closer look at 5 of the most innovative UK FinTech companies which will save you money.... Read post

Angela Mar 26 | 🛠 Making Plum

Can I still use Plum without Facebook?

Hey everyone, I’m Angela, head of support here are Plum. We often get asked if you need... Read post

daniella Mar 23 | 👯‍♀️ Plumsters

Let's be Pals. Plum Pals.

It's finally here! We are pretty excited to announce our brand ambassador programme! After LOTS of feedback and... Read post

Thomas Engebrand Mar 23 | 🛠 Making Plum

A fresh new menu

You might have noticed that we recently released a new and polished menu. I wanted to give you... Read post

daniella Mar 15 | 👯‍♀️ Plumsters

How I saved £4,973.63 in one year - Samuel Jefferies

We caught up with Samuel Jefferies, founder of www.moneynest.co.uk, about saving without making sacrifices.... Read post