Plum is an app that can help you make your money go further.

We describe Plum as the ultimate money management app because it's a budget app, investment app and money-saving app, all in one.

Once you connect your bank accounts and credit cards, Plum can adapt to you. Putting you in the driving seat of your finances by letting you automate aspects of the strategy that you put in place.

Adding subscription services helps us build a sustainable business by allowing customers to pay for the most valuable features.

Even the Basic (free) version of Plum lets you create a Pocket that pays interest and also gives you access to stock investing, meaning you can trade shares from 500 companies in real-time on the stock market.

But what do we offer a customer who wants to take their personal finances to the next level?

Note: capital at risk if you invest.

How Plum Premium can build on other tiers

Before we get into the benefits you can expect from Plum Premium, we need to do a quick recap…

When you subscribe to Plum Premium, you also get the features from our other tiers, Plum Basic, Plum Pro and Plum Ultra. You can find more on these further down in this article, but some of them include:

Plum Basic: Trade company stocks and use automated deposit Rules

Plum Pro: Customisable interest Pockets, investment funds and Cashback

Plum Ultra: Advanced budgeting, debit card and enhanced rewards

So, in addition to all that, with a Plum Premium subscription (regular price is £9.99 per month, with a 1-month free trial) you get access to a lot more.

What are the benefits of Plum Premium?

In addition to the smart stuff in our Basic, Plus, Pro and Ultra tiers, Premium can complement the Plum experience by offering more investing options 📊

Since we launched stock investing, we’ve been busy working to increase the choice we can offer. Now, with Plum Premium, we’re including 500 extra company stocks. This gives you a total of 1,000 to choose from!

  • Increased short-term flexibility: We’ve included more meme stocks, like ‘Bed, Bath and Beyond’, ‘Lucid’ and ‘Microstrategy’
  • Greater geographic diversification: There are some leading Chinese companies, such as ‘Baidu’ and ‘Pinduoduo’
  • More of the big brands you know… ‘AstraZeneca’, ‘Diageo’, ‘Ferrari’, ‘Papa John's, ‘SAP’, ‘Telefonica’ and ‘Unilever’

We’re also expanding our range of investment funds, with 9 new funds being added to the 12 that were already available.

The new funds offer opportunities for greater diversification through the inclusion of assets like Gold, Biotech and Real Estate.

What about the other Plum tiers?

If you’re not sure that Plum Premium is right for you (remember that you can try it free for one month), there are still a lot of features packed into our other subscription tiers. And even the basic version of Plum can make a powerful money management app 💪

Plum Basic (free)

No-frills features, interest for your savings and stock investing (a selection 500 of US company shares is available).

Capital at risk if you invest.

*Easy Access Interest Pockets are provided by Investec Bank Plc.

Plum Pro (£2.99 per month)

Gamified deposit Rules, Cashback, and customisable Pockets with Goals.

Everything in our Plum Basic tier, plus:

Plum Ultra (£4.99 per month)

Advanced budgeting, Plum Card and our best Cashback rates.

Everything in our Plum Pro tier, plus:

  • Our Visa debit card lets you spend money straight from Plum
  • Money Maximiser can help earn interest and manage your budget
  • Enhanced Cashback on purchases (+33% vs. Pro tier)

If you’re comparing the best subscription apps, you can read more about how Plum works by visiting our blog.

If you choose to invest, please remember your capital is at risk. You shouldn’t invest in or use any financial product unless you fully understand it.

You can find the Plum in the personal finance app section of app stores or download directly using this link:

Download Plum

Check out our website to learn more about how Plum can help you budget.