When it comes to money there’s no room for compromise. Trusting anybody with your bank details or hard-earned savings is a big ask. So, we're massively grateful for the support of our loyal Plumsters who've helped us get this far!

We’re always looking for new ways to spread the word about what we do, but it’s sometimes difficult to convey the magic feeling you say Plum gives you. For this piece we decided to take to Twitter and let you do the job for us 🐦

Here are the top 10 reasons why you love Plum... in your own words:

You've Struggled to Save in the Past

You Didn't Believe You Could Save Without Noticing

You're Up for 'Gamifying' With a Saving Challenge

You Have Specific Goals You Want to Reach

You Want to Adult... Without Thinking Too Hard!

You Want to Try and Earn a Return on Your Money

Please note: your capital is at risk if you choose to invest

... and You Want Investing to Feel Simple

Please note: your capital is at risk if you choose to invest

You Like Your Humour... 'Dad Stylie'

You Want a Bonus for Referring Your Friends

You Want to Withdraw Your Cash... No Hassle (or fees!)

If all of that's tempted you to give us a try, you can sign-up for free here.

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