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We've planned 7 top holiday destinations this year and done the math for you - so you can get more for your money!

The heatwave has given us a taste of sunshine but we all know British weather is not to be relied on. Guarantee those rays, dust of that beach towel, and leave your budget at home. Here are 7 of the hottest (pun intended) destinations this year, how much they cost, and how quickly Plum can get you there.

1. Slovenia

Turquoise-green lakes nestled between snow-capped mountains and charming towns, not to mention the delicious food. There is plenty to do, see, and eat here.

Go exploring in the alpine forest, relax on the beach, go wine tasting in the idyllic Bucolic Western winelands, or get your heart pumping with adrenaline fueled adventures.

If that wasn't enough, you can take a day trip to Italy or Croatia, both just 30 minutes away by car. With Venice also just 2 hours drive away, you can get 4 holidays in one. Not a bad deal right?

**How much? **

Flights £60-£120 return
Villa with pool £50-£120 per night
Car rental £40 a week
3-courses meal (avg.) £11
Pint of Beer £1.70

Plum will save enough in the background to get you here in 90 days, just under 3 months, on average. The temperature in Slovenia in 3 months time (July/August) is around 30ºC, so bring your suncream.

2. Montenegro

Often referred to as a 'slice of Adriatic heaven' don't let Montenegro's small size fool you. It's bursting with stunning beaches, breathtaking lakes, the largest European canyons, all surrounded by ancient towns.

You can do everything that you can do in Slovenia (besides the day trips to Italy) but get around in a fraction of the time. In fact, you can drive across the whole country in 1 hour. Watersports are big here so if you have ever wanted to try scuba-diving, rafting, Kitesurfing, or anything else that requires a wetsuit, this is the place.

Top Tip: Land in Dubrovnik and drive 2 hours to Montenegro to save you money on flights.

How much?

Flights (to Dubrovnik) £80-£130 return
Villa with pool £30-£80 per night
Car rental £35 a week
3-courses meal (avg.) £9.5
Pint of Beer £1.50

Plum will save that for you automatically in 76 days, 2.5 months, on average. The temperature in Montenegro in July has highs of 31ºC, so you might want to pack your aftersun for this one too.

3. Morocco

Swap verdant mountains and turquoise lakes for vibrant cities and rich deserts. Home to the Altas mountains, world famous markets of Marrakesh, and more photo opportunities than your Instagram feed can handle, the 'Gateway to Africa' doesn't disappoint.

Step into your favourite Hollywood classic in Casablanca, stroll through Roman ruins, or discover the desert on camelback. Enjoy haute couture at the Musée Yves Saint Laurent and fine cuisine on every corner. Stay in an authentic Riad or a luxurious 5 star hotel. If you can't find it in Morocco it probably doesn't exist.

How much?

Flights £120-£180 return
5-star hotel From £50 per night
Camel ride From £15
3-courses meal (avg.) £7
Pint of Beer £1.90

The average Plum user will have saved enough for this trip in 117 days, just over 3 months, on average. Perfect for some end of summer sun. Still hot at 27ºC but less sweltering than the 36ºC highs of summer.

4. Vietnam

Long-haul always felt out of reach? Much like the flight it will take a little longer but Plum will still get you there.

Mix and match between big cities and tranquil spots. Find yourself hiking in the rice fields, hopping between out-of-this-world floating islands, exploring the Mekong Delta, or getting lost in the bustle of Hoi An.

With so much natural beauty and history it can be hard to see it all. Take your pick of paradise beaches, roaring waterfalls, hidden caves, and unique cultural experiences. Make sure to eat everything while you are at it; if Pho isn't already a staple part of your diet it will be. Vietnam is more than worth the wait.

How much?

Flights £400-£500 return
Accomodation From £15 per night
Scooter rental £3.50 per day
3-courses meal (avg.) £4.5
Pint of Beer £0.60

Plum will save enough in the background for this amazing trip in 180 days, just under 6 months, on average. If you fancy something exceptional to look forward to once the UK is back to its glum self in October this is for you. 100% guaranteed to make your co-workers envious.

5. Cyprus

Victor and Alex, our co-founders, may be Cypriot but that's not why Cyprus is on this list.

Pristine beaches, old romantic harbours, a landscape riddled with ancient ruins thanks to its unique and fascinating history. Cyprus is much more than a sun trap. It is more difficult to avoid ancient ruins and archaeological sites than find them.

But it's not all crumbling excavations. Go windsurfing in Pissouri Bay, hiking in the Troodos mountains, shipwreck diving in Larnaka or just relax and tuck into a Meze.

Victor recommends taking a boat ride to the edge of Cyprus in Akamas and then finishing it off with some fresh fish at the port at Yangos and Peter Fish Tavern.

How much?

Flights £160-£210 return
Villa with pool £40-£100 per night
Car rental £50 a week
3-courses meal (avg.) £17.5
Pint of Beer £2.60

Even if you still get the Ubers and forget to pack your lunch Plum will automatically save enough to get you there in 132 days, just over 4 months, on average. It's still 29-34ºC in September so no need to bring a cardie.

6. Hungary

It's no surprise Hungary has been rising in popularity in recent years.

Home to the Danube, countless fairy tale castles, and 'Europe's most exciting capital after dark' it is the perfect place to escape.

Hungary makes up for lack of beaches with thermal baths and serene lakes complete with pontoons. Boasting rich culture in every respect of the word, from folk art and traditions to sophisticated Magyar cuisine and opera. If you are a fan of architecture, Hungary is a melting pot second to none.

How much?

Flights £55-£110 return
Entire flat £20-£50 per night
Thermal Spas £17
3-courses meal (avg.) £11
Pint of Beer £1.10

The average Plum user will have saved enough to experience it all in 53 days, just under 2 months. No need to curb your spending, just turn Plum on and let it work in the background while you book your flights.

7. Portugal

With famous Algarve beaches, cinematic landscapes and more pristine World Heritage Sites than you can pack comfortably into one trip, it is easy to lose yourself here.

Ride the tram, waves, or take a walking tour and sample the wine and food as you go. In Portugal, you never have to choose between city escape, beach retreat or adventure. Home to some of the world's best surfing, wines, nightlife, architecture, food and beaches, there's not much to leave you wanting.


Flights £70-£140 return
Villa with pool £30-£100 per night
Car rental £40 a week
3-courses meal (avg.) £13
Pint of Beer £1.30

The average Plum user will have saved enough for this trip in 71 days, just over 2 months, without having to change their spending habits. Want to get there faster? Set your mood to 'Ambitious'.