Your money shouldn’t just be lying there, it should be working as hard as you do. But without the right wake-up call, it will continue to snooze. 

According to research by the Money & Pensions Service, one in three (36%) UK adults say thinking about their financial situation makes them worried. However, the range of financial products available, or uncertainty about how to prioritise goals, can lead to us feeling overwhelmed and not taking action.

It's too easy to fall into the cycle of worrying about money, without setting a plan in place to prevent similar worries in the future.

That's where Plum comes in! The app you can rely on to wake your money up and make it work harder… Without affecting your weekend lie-in.

Automated saving features and accessible investing tools keep you in control, while Plum does the heavy lifting for your money. Invest, save and manage your spending to start building the future you deserve. A future where your money has finally sprung into action, so you can do more.

That was the theme for our new campaign. You can watch our latest TV ad here or read on to find out more!

How can Plum wake up my money?

We see idle money not being made to work as untapped potential.

Even if we know we should have a plan and be saving for the future, the demands of daily life can leave that feeling like a pipe dream.

The Building Societies Association found that over a third of UK adults could be missing out on £1,136 extra income a year because they never compare their savings interest rate to others available.

Plum can help customers save more money by automating deposits. The app was also specifically designed to provide a convenient platform for customers to be able to find the right financial products for them.

Whether it’s an FSCS-protected savings pocket*, a low-risk investment** that’s backed by the UK Government or a choice of company stocks and investment funds (see more on these below). Plum lets you focus on living your life today, knowing you’re not neglecting financial planning for the future.

That holiday you’ve been hankering for… The home deposit you’ve been dreaming of… Or the retirement plan you’ve been putting off. Whatever your goals, you can reach them sooner with Plum.

* Easy Access Interest Pockets are provided by Investec Bank Plc. The rate Plum offers may change in the future.

**Capital at risk if you invest.

How can I get started with Plum?

Your money should work as you do, and that’s where the power of automation comes in. It keeps your money moving and your strategy on track, even when you’re not actively thinking about your finances.

Plum’s algorithm analyses your income and spending patterns to tailor the amounts it sets aside. And because the amounts are tailored for you, it means you’re never left short.

Customers who enabled the Automatic rule set aside an average of £53.58 extra each month (that’s £642.98 over a year), and there are more rules too!

Plum also goes beyond a simple Round Ups function to provide money challenges and gamified rules like Rainy Days and the Naughty Rule.

How can Plum help me build wealth?

Investing with Plum is intended to be accessible, with options specifically intended for first-time or new investors. And with a minimum investment of just £1, you can start slowly to gradually build up experience.

Investing money presents a risk. However, individuals can try to directly manage this by selecting funds based on their risk profile, for example.

Plum offers ‘Core Portfolio’ funds for customers who don’t want to be overwhelmed by investment decisions, with just 3 simple options for them to pick from (Cautious, Balanced, and Bold).

For investors who want to customise their portfolio further, we also offer a range of over 3,000 company stocks and 30+ investment funds, with exchange-traded funds (ETFs) coming soon!

Your capital is at risk if you invest. The value of your investments can go down as well as up and you could lose money. Plum does not provide investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice from a financial advisor. Fees and T&C apply.

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