How to Automate Your Savings ⚙️

a screen shot shows the Plum 'Brain'

Plum exists because we’re on a mission. A mission to make everyone (starting with our awesome Plumsters) financially better off. One of the principal ways we do this is through automation. We make sure that money is set aside even when you’re not thinking about it, because we believe this helps you deposit... MORE!

The best thing? Unless you're investing your money then it’s completely free to use Plum! Here’s everything else you need to know:

Introducing the Plum Brain

Plum’s brain is where you can adjust all the settings that control how much money we set aside for you. To access these settings tap ‘Brain’ within the main Plum menu (or alternatively type ‘Brain’ in your Messenger chat with Plum).

Under ‘Rules’ you will see 2 saving options, ‘Automatic’ and ‘Round Up’.


This option is where you control the auto-stash algorithm. Once you link your bank account, Plum works by analysing your income and expenditure to identify where small amounts can be deposited on your behalf, every few days.

Because the amount is tailored specifically for you it means we’ll never leave you short, so you always have money when you need it!

Round Ups

If you’re looking for ways to boost the amount you put away, beyond the standard algorithm, then Round Ups could be just the thing for you!

We Round Up (funny that!) your transactions to the nearest whole pound, and then set aside this ‘spare change’ for you on a weekly basis. You can think of them as a piggy bank that your older sister can’t raid 🐷

a screen shot shows the Plum app automatic saving settings

Set Your Mood 🦁

Our automatic money-stashing algorithm and Round Ups are both designed to adapt to your spending at any given time. However, there may also be times when you feel you’d like to set a little more aside. So we designed these features to be fully customisable!

Within the 'Automatic' section in the Plum Brain (type 'Change Mood' if using Messenger), you can select your ‘Savings Mood’. There are options ranging from ‘Shy’ to ‘Beast Mode’, with Shy putting away -50% less than the normal default, and Beast Mode taking +75% more. These can be changed at any time.

Inside the ‘Round Ups’ section of the Plum Brain you will find an additional option, called ‘Pound Ups’. When enabled, Pound Ups will continue to deposit an additional £1 for any transactions that are whole amounts (i.e. a £5.00 purchase will take £1.00 for your Plum account)

a screen shot shows Plum saving moods

Make Like a Banana… and Split 🍌

So far we’ve only talked about setting money aside, but if you decide you’d like to try and grow your nest-egg for the future, Plum can help with that too! We have partnered with carefully selected fund managers to offer a range of investment options that cater for newbies and seasoned-pros alike 📊

Our investments are designed to be fully-automated, so you can do this whole adulting thing without even thinking about it, if you so choose! When used with our ‘Splitter’ (also accessible through the Plum Brain), this feature can apportion deposits directly to any investment funds you’ve previously selected 🧀

Not only does this make the process easier for you, but it also promotes good investing practice… as it’s never a good idea to have all your eggs in one basket

You can learn more about investing with Plum on our website. Bear in mind, as with all investing, your capital is at risk.

a screen shot shows Plum splitter feature

Look… No Hands 👐

With all of the above in place you can consider that your finances are in cruise-control mode. So now you can just sit back and watch your money grow, little-by-little… until that little becomes a lot 📈

Our Plumsters say it feels like magic, and we like to think you won’t believe your eyes when you see how much we’ve put away for you! 👀

a screen shot shows Plum savings notification

Plum is currently available through Messenger, or an app for iOS and Android

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