Whether you're new to Plum or a long-term Plumster, when circumstances change, it is likely to have an impact on the way you behave.  

Right now, in the light of the Coronavirus outbreak, many of us are looking for ways to tighten up our finances, and perhaps even take advantage of the fact there may be less expenses going out to set more aside.

Whatever challenges you’re facing, we’re here to help you optimise your budget wherever possible. Here are four key Plum features that are designed to work flexibly and keep you on-track, whatever else is going on around you.

Keep auto-stashing… whatever your mood 🥵

If you can, try to keep putting away small, regular amounts 📊 Remember, Plum’s algorithm will account for any fluctuations in your income and outgoings, to calculate exactly the right amount to deposit without leaving you short.

Keeping up the momentum is a good way to stay in the habit whatever else is going on around you. And tucking money away where it can’t easily be spent means you're less likely to dip in unless it’s totally necessary.

If times are tight, you can also control just how ‘enthusiastically’ Plum deposits for you. There are moods ranging from ‘Shy’ to ‘Beast Mode’. Even if you're on 'Shy' mode, those pounds add up quickly to make a substantial amount.

Switching can save you serious cash 💷

It may not sound like the most appetising task, but switching providers can save you a fortune on your household bills! Utility companies in particular are notorious for ramping up prices after a year, and if you’re at home during lockdown, you’re likely to be using things like gas and electricity much more than you would normally 🔌

You can check for better deals and switch in seconds by heading to the Lost Money tab within our app 📲 We’re adding more daily, so keep an eye out for savings on insurance, loans and mortgages.

Round Up to stash as you spend 🆙

By now everyone is probably familiar with the concept of a Round Up. A way to link our deposits to our spending by rounding up the amount from each transaction to the nearest whole pound, and automatically setting aside the additional spare change 💰

If you’re feeling really fruity then you can also enable our additional Pound Ups feature. It works much in the same way as Round Ups, but in this case saving an extra £1 on top of the Round Up amount!

Both Round Ups and Pound Ups are a great way to tuck money away, almost without noticing, because the amounts involved are so small.

Tuck it away on Pay Day 📆

Our Pay Days feature allows you to automatically put aside a certain amount of your income whenever it comes in. Many finance experts say that the best time to put money aside is just after you receive it; we've found lots of our users like to have a percentage go straight to Plum for an extra pay day boost.

Our Pay Days feature is completely customisable, so  you can use it if you get paid weekly or monthly. And you can change the amount if your income sometimes fluctuates.

If you'd like to learn more about Plum then you can check out our website.

Plum is available via an app for iOS 🍏 and Android 🤖

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