We live in a world where technology is increasingly replacing human interactions. Even a simple trip to the supermarket often results in an interaction with a robot. We’ve all experienced being chastised by a computerised voice, demanding that we “remove the last item from the packing area” ⛔️

Given these recent advances have happened so fast, the latest trend for conversational AI (or chatbots, to you and me) may initially seem a worrying one. At Plum we see matters slightly differently however, and we’d like to set the record straight once and for all. Because we happen to think that humans should spend their time doing the things they love, rather than queuing in line 🙄

Ok, so we need to fess-up... we have a vested interest here! Our automated savings algorithm is revolutionising how people manage their finances ✊ And unlike the example given above... we like to think that Plum helps in a friendlier way 🤗

A Sign of the Times

Studies have shown that 70% of people would prefer to deal with a chatbot to communicate with a company. And this seems to be fortuitous, as latest estimates predict that a whopping 80% of businesses will use advanced chatbots by 2020! 🏃‍♀️

Deepening, Not Disassociating

With automated chat on the rise, it is heartening that the latest generation of conversational AI comes from a genuine desire by companies to offer a richer level of interaction with their customers. Not only are these chatbots able to undertake roles that humans can’t easily perform, they can boast 24/7 availability, and are able to outperform their human counterparts in terms of consistency 👥

The Shape of Things to Come

Here at Plum, we see a future where conversations with your AI assistant integrate effortlessly into daily-life. The best way to do this is by communicating in a way that is most convenient for you! By assuming the same format and style as your other interactions (i.e. with other humans), they can become virtually indistinguishable. For many people, messaging apps in general are becoming a second home-screen, acting as their entry point to the internet 📲

It's clear that attitudes are rapidly changing, as the role chatbots already play in modern business represents a fundamental shift. They have moved from a basic method of dealing with FAQs, to a truly meaningful way for brands to engage with customers. It doesn’t even feel like too much of a jump to imagine a world in which a conversation with a chatbot could become every bit as valuable as a website hit or app download. For many, they may well soon become their sole means of interacting with organisations who desperately want to build a relationship with them 👫

If you'd like to learn more about Plum's chatbot (or, automatic savings tool, if you want to sound fancy!), then you can check out our website.

Plum is currently available through Messenger, or an app for iOS (with an Android app also due for imminent release in October 🤖)