Plum was built to help you reach your financial goals, and we love hearing when you’ve smashed them 💥

Whether it’s saving £10k, or investing for the first time, we want to celebrate all the achievements of our wonderful Plummunity.

And this week at The Plum Diary is no different. We’re chatting to Lucie, a 30-year-old restaurant manager from Plymouth, who has used Plum to save a whopping £1,000!

We think this deserves some major props 👏 so let’s take a closer look at how she did it...

Lucie’s Saving Story 📖

Most of our Plumsters are pretty modest when it comes to describing their money-saving superpowers 🦸 According to our research, three quarters of our customers consider themselves to be “bad” or “average” at saving.

For Lucie, it was a similar story, as in her own words she told us, “I have always been rubbish at saving money”.

It didn’t help that she was living in a particularly pricey area 🏠“The cost of living in Guildford was a lot more, so I was running paycheck-to-paycheck and just about making ends meet”.

Thankfully, Lucie’s sister came to the rescue. She saw an advert for Plum on Facebook, and, like all good younger sisters, told Lucie about her discovery.

Since that day back in 2019, Lucie has kept all her savings in Plum. “I like the fact that the money goes into a separate account”. Out of sight… out of mind!

She has also enjoyed using some of the more advanced features that come with Plum Pro, like Rainy Days and the 52 Week Challenge.

But her relationship with Plum hasn’t always been plain sailing ⛵ “When I first got Plum, my money would be automatically put away, but then I would have to move it back into my bank account again”.

Now, though, Lucie is comfortable letting Plum’s auto-saves work their magic. “Over the last six months I have left it alone and finally hit the 4-digits”.

With the help of the Plum Brain, Lucie was able to control exactly how much she was tucking away each week.

By setting a ‘savings mood’, you can customise Plum’s AI to save a little bit more or a little bit less depending on your preferences. Whether you’re on ‘Shy’ or ‘Beast Mode’, you can change your mood at any time to find the savings amount that’s perfect for you.

Reaching 4-digit savings 🔢

With £1,000 tucked away in the bank, Lucie “couldn’t be prouder” and now feels “the most stable I have ever felt about my money”.

In terms of what Lucie has planned for her nest egg, she’s keeping her options open 👐 “I’m not far off having a month’s wages saved in case anything happened”.

As all of our Plumsters will know, we’ve talked a lot about the benefits of building up an emergency fund as part of a complete personal finance strategy.

The eagle-eyed among you will already know that it’s helped Maya when she was made redundant, and Harriet when she was involved in a car crash 👀

Looking a little further down the line, Lucie would like to “save for a flat deposit for me and my sister, a new car, and also to clear some debts”.

We look forward to hearing where your saving journey takes you next, Lucie. We’re sure you’ll be driving off into the sunset in a sweet ride in no time 🌇

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