At Plum we're on a mission to make you better off by using smart tech to automate your financial life. Here's what that looks like this month.

It was March Madness for Plum with new features!  

Done in March

Ask Plum to switch your energy 💡

You have heard of cheaper energy switching and now you want to get in on the action. Now you can ask Plum yourself. Just type 'save on energy'!

Always stay in the know with Status Updates 🔔

We have added the Status page to our support chat. Here you are able to get updates when Plum is having issues or maintenance. You can also subscribe to receive email updates here.

Making your savings clearer 🔮

We have listened to your feedback regarding how your savings are shown in Plum and have made a few changes to make it clearer! Type ‘savings’ now to see if you can spot what has changed 😉

Plum is getting faster 🚴‍♀️

We have upgraded our system. We’ve migrated to a brand new Kubernetes cluster on GCP to support Plum’s growth. This means Plum has gotten back to its youthful self.

Splitter ⚖️

Splitter has now been fully rolled out! More than a quarter of you have already set up your splitter and we are ready for more! To set up your splitter type ‘splitter’ into Plum.

Working on in April

Insights on Lost Money (NEW) 💸

Our mission is to help you save money and we aim to provide more features to do so. You will soon be able to see where you can save money on bills.

Even more switching ⚡

Now that we have upgraded our energy bill switching we are on a mission to get you the best for all your financial products. Next on the list is helping to consolidate debt and ensure credit providers aren't ripping you off.

Boosts 🤑

To help you save more when you have more. We are working on bringing you things like payday boosts and roundups so you can supercharge your savings.

To have your say on what happens at Plum head over to the Plum Squad.

It's the place to be if you want to backstage access to Plum and what we are doing and to share your tips, ideas and feedback.