At Plum we're on a mission to make you better off by using smart tech to automate your financial life. Here's what that looks like this month.

February was a short month but that didn't stop us πŸ’ͺ

Done in February

Splitter βš–οΈ

Previous bugs have been squashed and splitter is being gradually rolled out. As soon as this is enabled for you Plum will let you know or type 'splitter' now Β πŸ‘€ Once it is you will be able to split your automatic savings between your Plum savings and investments.

Plum App πŸ“±

We started working on a Plum App for IOS and managed to get a version ready for testing. We are running our first user tests for the Plum app this week!

No more early wake up calls 😴

We taught Plum some human social etiquette so it won't send you messages at 3am about your savings...

Working on in March Β 

Even more switching (new)

Now that we have upgraded our energy bill switching we are on a mission to get you the best for all your financial products. Next on the list is helping consolidate debt and ensure credit providers aren't ripping you off.

#investwithplum (new)

We are working hard this month to demystify investments. We will be rolling out a whole host of content over on our Instagram and in the Investment Academy to answer some key questions and explain some key concepts without the jargon.

Oh, and from March 8th 2019 to April 6th 2019 for each post using the #investwithplum we will waive our monthly fee for investments for 1 WHOLE YEAR for a Plum user. If the person posting with the #investwithplum is a Plum user they can send in a screenshot of their post with their Plum email address to to have their fee waived for a year. If the person posting is not a Plum user then the fee will be waived for a random Plum user. Find out more info here.

Plum Pals Group (new)

Our Plum Pals have been breaking records every month and helping us grow by recommending Plum to friends, family, and beyond. We thought we would create a group where everyone can share their top tips for spreading the word about Plum. We will be asking our top Pals of all time to share their stories of how they did it and lots of other cool resources. If you are a Plum Pal or want to get some more tips on inviting friends join in here.

Interest on your savings

We are looking into ways we can start offering interest on your Plum savings that is worth your while and beats most banks πŸ‘€

Boosts πŸ€‘

To help you save more when you have more. We are working on bringing you things like payday boosts and roundups so you can supercharge your savings.

To have your say on what happens at Plum head over to the Plum Squad.
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