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It's finally here! We are pretty excited to announce our brand ambassador programme!

After LOTS of feedback and calls with our top inviters, say hello to Plum Pals.

What is a Plum Pal?

We want to make spreading the word as easy and fun as possible.
As a Plum Pal, you have access to all sorts of extras to help you take your invites to the next level:


Kiss the invite menu goodbye and get your very own dashboard. You will be able to see everyone who has clicked your invite link, and what stage in the sign-up process they are at, in real time. This is also where you will be able to track your progress in the leader boards for our weekly and monthly competitions...but more on that later.


As a Plum Pal, you will also have a folder of Press Links and FAQs to help you answer any questions people may have. Plus direct contact with the community manager (that's me) for anything else you might need.

Fun stuff

Everyone likes a bit of friendly competition right?

Plum Pals can win extra boosts on top of the per person bonus in weekly and monthly contests. If you are the top inviter for the week or month, you will get an extra £1 for every person you have invited during that time!

Do be aware, however, that users who leave Plum before the end of this period (churned) will not be counted. For example, if you invited 20 in one week, but 5 left before the end of that week, only 15 would be counted.

Who can be a Plum Pal?

Being a Plum Pal means you are a part of Plum. Our mission here at Plum is that everybody should be better off using Plum. As a Plum Pal, your actions should always reflect that mission when inviting people to Plum. Therefore:

  • Plum Pals need to be users of Plum, that means using Plum to save, invest, or both.
  • We ask that Plum Pals help spread the word by leaving us reviews on Trustpilot/Facebook etc.
  • We also ask that Plum Pals let us know where they post their links / how they gather their invites in the interests of fraud prevention.

If that sounds like you and you want to Opt-In to plum pals just email

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