Everyone loves a little boost to their bank account, and naturally we all love to share our good experiences with friends.

That’s why we have a referral scheme to reward Plumsters for referring their pals. You get £15 for every 3 successful invites, those who sign up and start saving using your link, and £5 for each and every successful invite after you reach 15. It’s free to sign up so what’s not to love!

In fact, some Plumsters love Plum so much they have earnt thousands of pounds from their referrals. Yup. Thousands.

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1. Make it personal

Why do referrals work? Because it’s a recommendation from a real life person. So make it feel like it! Don’t just send an out of context link, tell them about Plum and your experience using it. You are recommending for a reason, right? So let them know why you love Plum so much you just have to share it!

A great way to show them what Plum is all about is to share a screenshot of your own Plum and how much it has saved you. This also helps give them an idea of what to expect when they are using Plum. Our top referrer of all time posts highlights on her Instagram and video reviews of how she's finding Plum and puts her link as the 'swipe up'.

2. What’s in it for them

Help them understand Plum and the ways it can make you better off. As chatbots and AI are so new, you can’t expect people to get it right away. Our goal here at Plum is helping people grow their savings by helping them manage their personal finances in lots of ways:

  • Our AI tech helps you save money automatically. Plum monitors incomings and outgoings and calculates safe amounts for you to save regularly. This is what sets us apart from savings accounts, our AI does all the calculations for you so you can save in a way that works for you without having to change a thing.
  • You can also choose to invest those savings and start making your money work for you.
  • On top of all of that, we make sure you are not being overcharged on things like energy bills and help you switch if you are. It’s free to sign up and use.

3. Answer Questions

Life gets in the way sometimes, I mean how many things are on your to do list right now? Remind your pals who are still pending to complete sign up. Once they are signed up we will do all the work but give them a helping hand with getting started.

As you know, Plum needs your bank details for the saving algorithm to work. Some people are nervous about giving their bank details over or have trouble linking their account. It can also help to direct them to FAQs if they have questions about security or give them a link to a trusted review like the money saving expert article here.

4. Go public

So you have messaged a few friends who have signed up, but you don’t have the time to message everyone in your contact list. Lots of our top referrers have pushed their referrals to the next level by writing a quick post on their Facebook (or any other social channel) about Plum and how much they have managed to save. Make sure to include your referral link in the post so all the traffic gets matched back to you!

A really great way of doing this is by sharing a photo of what you have used your Plum savings for. Show of the fruits of your saving savvy with a few holiday snaps, any excuse to get them out again anyway right?

5. Branch out

This is where the big bucks come in. You’ve got all the friends you can to sign up, and you’ve made a pretty penny, but you want MORE. Our very biggest referrers did it by posting in communities like Facebook groups. There are lots of ways they did this, but here are some of the key tips:

Pick related groups. This doesn’t just mean groups about saving money or good deals. Think about what you are saving for, a new car/bag/bathroom/phone, holiday, festival, Christmas, paying off your mortgage/overdraft/student loan and post in these groups. Everyone could do with a little more money in the bank even if they aren’t active in groups specifically about it.

Don’t just post a link. Most groups will take down posts that just include links to a company. Just because you don’t know the people doesn’t mean you can’t make it personal. Share your saving story and ask people to message you for details and you can share your link there.

Write a mini review and submit it to a community lead content platform like Buzzfeed / Ladbible / Mumsnet / Reddit. Reviews are a great way to show the value of a product and lets people really get a feel from a real user about what they can expect about something before they sign up. Chances are if they read your review they will want to give it a go themselves. Again be sure to include your referral link to get the traffic linked back to you!

Get started now 😊

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