She loves being a doctor and having the ability to make a difference to peoples lives and especially because ‘there is always something new to learn.’ Helping people is what she does best and when she’s not tending patients she’s helping them save money! ‘It’s been a passion of mine for a few years, trying to sort out my own finances. I started blogging about money in the past 6 months and I absolutely love it.’ You can check our her blog here. Nikki thinks being free from money stress is essential for holistic health (mind and body) and wants to help as many people achieve this as possible, ‘I believe that no one can be truly healthy if they have money worries going on in their life.’

When she started her savings journey her biggest hurdle was having money left at the end of the month to save. ‘It took a big mindset shift to realise that if I didn't consciously allocate money to savings, it would never happen. I now always "pay myself first" to reach my goals.’

She uses Plum to save automatically for the fun stuff like holidays, ‘I don't have to "find" the money, plum does it for me.’ Her last trip was to Mexico and she’s already on track to save for the next one to Cape Town. ‘I was amazed that from March to October, I had built up £600. I would NEVER have done this on my own. I don't miss the small amounts of money that plum takes out for me.’ She loves how easy Plum is to use and that she can access it on the go through messenger not download another app.

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