His favourite thing to do in his spare time is eat, drink and travel,'hopefully combine all three.' Being the food lover he is he’s always trying new restaurants ‘the struggle between trying new restaurants all the time or saving money by eating at home.’ He doesn’t want to have to choose living the lifestyle he wants or saving money and loves that Plum lets him do both.

As well as the emojis and GIFs, Mark loves how convenient saving has been with Plum ‘taking the thinking out of savings by automatically saving for me based on my current spend and balance.’ He even reached his goal of saving 1k in his first 6 months with Plum to help get him to a few weddings abroad just in time to book his first flight. He can’t wait to get traveling again using his Plum savings this year, he wants to go back to Norway ‘I want to go back and explore more fjords!!!’

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