When he’s not reading graphic novels (his favourite is The Preacher, by Garth Ennis), he’s in the pub; ‘I love sitting in the pub and having engaging conversations with people about everything and nothing.’ Being a loving presence in the community is what he loves most about being a vicar.

He loves Plum because it helps him to save for is what he and his wife call the ‘X-factor’, the things he and his wife can’t plan for, like the car getting scratched or friends inviting themselves round to stay on short notice! For him Plum is a ‘friendly leprechaun gennie thing’ to motivate him towards his goal. Aaron hates budgeting, and his end goal with Plum was to save for summer for his anniversary and have a celebration. With Plum he saved more than enough to do this; in fact he saved far more than he expected, and was able to relax a bit knowing that the ‘little angel on your shoulder’ would be safely saving away. Especially with the massage he got with some of the extra savings.

‘Plum has helped me to be motivated to save - and to save often, no matter how little. I feel like Plum is cheering me on as I aim to reach my goals.’

What sets Plum apart for Aaron is the ability to chat. In fact, Aaron trusts Plum more than a bank, which he was surprised by, because of the regular updates and easy conversation style. ‘It manages to successfully integrate the world of apps with banking’. He knows Plum is always in his pocket and only a message away. Now he invests as well as saves with Plum, and can’t wait to set and achieve even more goals in the near future. That said he doesn’t like to be too ‘on top of it’ and has turned off the daily balance updates and lets Plum just run in the background.

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