How to use Plum if you don't want a Facebook account.

Even though Plum is a Facebook Messenger Bot you do not need a Facebook account to use Plum. You are still able to save and invest with Plum, without a Facebook account.

If you used to have a Facebook account and would like to continue using Plum without Facebook, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Messenger app on your phone, create an account on Messenger using your phone number
  2. Search for ‘Plum’ on Messenger
  3. Type ‘Help’ or tap ‘Help’ in the menu then tap to ‘Chat to a human’

Our support staff will transfer your existing Plum account to your new Messenger account. You will need your bank details on hand to confirm your identity.

If you don’t have a Facebook account but want to use Plum, click here and follow steps 1 & 2.

Does Facebook has access to my bank details?

In short, Facebook does not have access to your bank details or bank transactions. We do not share your data with Facebook.

When you sign up, your account setup (including linking your bank account) is done in a secure webview. A webview is a website embedded into Facebook Messenger and it is generated by our servers, not by Facebook. Your bank login is transmitted and encrypted from the webview to our server and is then forwarded to Yodlee, our aggregation partner, for further encryption and safe storage. We don't store your bank details.

If you have any questions regarding data and security, please feel free to get in touch our support team at

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