Since the very early days, our quirky chatbot has been available on Facebook Messenger 🤖 Plum was even originally designed with the platform in mind, and although we’ve since developed our iOS and Android apps, Messenger has continued to play a key role in our overall offering.

For our users who originally started using Messenger, the ability to access Plum’s trademark blend of humour without having to download an additional app was a notable benefit. And for our part, we wanted to maintain appropriate support for anyone who chose to stick with Messenger 🤝

However, from 4th March 2020, Facebook is implementing a new policy that will effectively stop us from being able to send messages from Plum through Messenger. This means that we won’t be able to let you know when we stash money for you, or even deliver your daily balance updates!

These are key parts of Plum’s offering and we want to ensure we deliver a consistent experience to everyone, whichever platform they are using. It’s for this reason we’ll now be focusing all of our efforts on the development of cool new features and enhanced functionality for our iOS and Android apps 📲

Despite our focus on our native apps, we aim to continue providing basic Messenger support for as long as it’s feasible. If you’re already using Messenger, you’ll still be able to manually deposit or withdraw to or from your Plum account. And crucially, you’ll never be left without access to your money!

However, although transfers may still be arranged, Plum will have no way of delivering any confirmation notifications 🙈 We believe this is a pretty essential aspect of the service we provide, so we’d encourage anyone who wants to continue using Plum to upgrade to one of our apps as soon as possible. This way, we can guarantee you’ll continue to receive the level of service from Plum you’ve grown to know and love 💜

As always, our support team are on hand should you have any questions about this, or any other aspect of using Plum 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 You can contact them by selecting ‘chat to human’ through your app, or by emailing

You can download the Plum app via the Apple App Store 🍏 or Google Play 🤖

If you'd like to learn more about Plum then you can check out our website.