Personal finance blogs are a useful companion 👫 once you find one that you click with, you won’t be able to stop reading. With this in mind, we have created a four-part series, highlighting our favourite personal finance blogs.

Whether you’re a savings guru or are relatively new to the idea, our selection of blogs will sprinkle anyone with useful nuggets of wisdom.

To kick the series here are our top 5 blogs that give general introductions and overviews to the theme of personal finance 👇

Be Clever With Your Cash 💸

This award winning blog is run by Andy Webb, a passionate blogger, dedicated to helping his readers save money wherever they can. Together with his youtube channel and ‘cash chats’ podcast, his blog gives a holistic overview on the theme of personal finance.

He gives particularly helpful money saving advice for bills, shopping, holidays, budgeting and more. Not only does Andy sprinkle us with wisdom, he also gives us weekly deals and discount codes to turbo charge our saving efforts.

With lockdown rules loosening you may not have to wave goodbye to holidays this summer. Combine Andy’s holiday money saving tips with our guide to choosing the right travel insurance to have a safe vacation or staycation that doesn’t break the bank.

The Money Fox 🦊

Francesca, creator of The Money Fox, uses her blog to guide people through their journey to better personal finance habits.

Being an open character, Francesca leads by example using her blog to explain her upwards journey to financial freedom.

Her blog is split into three sections: money making, money saving and debt. In each she shares meaningful advice and handy tips for simple side hustles, monetising your platforms, and becoming debt free.

Emma’s Savvy Savings 🤓

Emma gives excellent advice on money matters that you may not have necessarily considered, such as her interesting article on finding affordable fertility treatment that doesn’t break the bank.

She gives fresh takes on everyday personal finance areas, such as food shopping on a budget, making money from social media and saving on holidays. Emma’s wholesome outlook makes her blog an invigorating yet approachable response to personal finance.

The Frugal Cottage 🏡

Nicola, the mastermind behind The Frugal Cottage, teaches her readers how to make the most of life while on a budget.

Her easy to read blog is full of savvy money making and savings tips. Nicola keeps her content fresh and exciting by giving tips on how to fall into lasting habits, interesting ideas such as hiring a virtual planner, savings challenges, recommendations and more.

Can’t Swing A Cat 🐈

Jenni Hill’s personal finance blog takes an actionable approach to personal finance. Her blog’s bright colours draw you in and her easily understandable, practical advice keeps you there.

She gives useful advice for slashing expenses, generating a side income and to first time homeowners. She also compliments her tips with her free resource library, giving you a comprehensive take on personal finance.

These bloggers’ useful tips and our smart algorithm sounds like a savings match made in heaven 😇

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