Whats the smallest amount of money you can spend on a meal? Can you make extra money in your PJs? Does being eco friendly have to cost an arm and a leg?

What do these three questions have in common? They are all topics covered by this weeks selection of bloggers who put the fun back into personal fun-ance and give you actionable tips for specific areas of your life.

Learn how you can cook a zero-waste meal for 瞿1, enjoy it next to your online side hustle, before heading to a free activity in our capital city.

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Saving cash in the capital

Laura, the passionate finance blogger behind Thrifty Londoner, shows her readers that financial wellness is achievable even within Londons city limits. She provides in depth tips for managing money whilst living in the capital, and informs her readers of London specific side hustles and money making marvels.

Laura goes above and beyond to regularly update her site with free things to do in London, and gives her readers prized insider knowledge for exploring the capital without breaking the bank.

And her talents are not capped at money saving tips! Laura also provides other fun knowledge, such as her exceptional list of instagrammable London locations.

Stay tuned for tips covering other UK cities well cover in upcoming guides

Eating on a budget

Feeding yourself on 瞿1 a day may seem like an impossible task, but Lesley (the author at Thrifty Lesley) shows her readers how to make it a reality. Having had to live frugally for a significant period of time, Lesley fell into the habit of making food stretch, leading to the creation of the Thrifty Lesley blog.

Her aim is to be a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to feed themselves cheaply with meals suitable for any occasion. Whether it be for Valentines Day or a weekly meal plan, Lesleys blog has recipes guaranteed with nutritional values included. Who knew chicken liver parfait could be made for a pound!

Lesleys recipes provide a useful base for weekly meal plans which can then be combined with our blog post on saving money as a student, which explains how to avoid excess spending on grocery shops.

Making money online

Lylia Rose started her self-titled blog from her passion for making money online and finding side hustles. She thinks outside of the box to give her readers ways to make money from the comfort of their couch and with a cuppa in hand.

Lylia leads by example by trying all of her suggestions first. Her never ending supply of ingenious side hustles shows there is something out there for everyone.

Emma, author of Bee Money Savvy, takes a different approach to showing her readers how to drum up extra cash. She suggests fun and exciting ways to make money from home, such as social media evaluation and reviewing adverts.

Emmas side hustle recommendations combined with her money tips and deals are a dream match for piling the pennies high.

Saving the planet and your wallet

When Zo禱 quit her job to become a stay at home mum she wasnt sure how shed afford it, but she knew that she would not compromise on being environmentally friendly.

Since then, Zo禱 started Eco Thrifty Living and wrote a book documenting how to be eco friendly on a budget. Zo禱s blog serves as a useful base point for finding sustainable, zero waste supermarkets. Her blog is also full of clever hacks, such as turning food that is about to spoil into yummy zero waste snacks, and how to reduce food waste when you have children.

Zo禱 is saving the planet one household (and wallet) at a time!

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