At Plum we're on a mission to make you better off by using smart tech to automate your financial life. Here's what that looks like this month.

There have been heatwaves and (mini)hurricanes but more has been happening at Plum HQ than in the MET office this month.

Done in August

Hired 4 new Plumsters 🤖

We officially opened our office in 🇬🇷 and grew our team. We are pretty excited for them to join us on our mission to make our users better off.

Get you out of your overdraft 💪

We have been working on how to help our users say goodbye to their overdraft for good by gradually saving their way out of it with Plum's help. After chatting to some Plumsters and running a few tests we think we have found a way to help solve this problem and get our users back in the black. Type ‘overdraft’ or read more about it here.

No more investments waitlist 🍾

We are pretty excited to say that investments will be open for everyone. If you are already on the waitlist and have not been given access to investments yet you will be getting a message very very soon to help you get set up. Thanks for being patient while we work out the kinks in our verification system! Promise it will be worth the wait 😇

Completing automatic verification 🆔

To make KYC smoother and more secure you can now upload your documents straight into Plum. If any documents are needed, Plum will ask you to take a picture and do all the rest for you!


September goals

New investment fund 📈

To celebrate removing the waitlist we will also be adding a new fund! Voting will take place in the Investment Academy so head over next week to have your say.

Monthly round up messages 👀

By popular demand we are working on monthly round up messages. These will show you how much you have saved and/or invested with Plums help over the month. If you would rather keep it a surprise you can opt-out like with any other Plum message. Just type ‘settings’, swipe to ‘notifications’ and select the message you would like to change.

Payday boosts 🤑

We spent last month testing the best way to do payday boosts. We all know we should put away a little more after we get paid but sometimes temptation is too much to resist! Don’t worry, this won’t be a random number. Plum will calculate how much this should be based on your income and last months spend. If you turn this on Plum will keep saving small amounts based on your spending and income for you throughout the month but these amounts are likely to be smaller.


Splitting your savings 📥

We're working on splitting your auto-savings/deposits between your savings and investments automatically. Because automation is the best 😎 If you want to help us with testing this sign up here.


To have your say on what happens at Plum head over to the Plum Squad.
It's the place to be if you want to backstage access to Plum and what we are doing and to share your tips, ideas and feedback.