When he's not having fun with his two daughters and now fiancée you can find Dan playing Golf or 'watching as much sport as possible!' Like many of us, his biggest savings hurdle was always putting money away before spending it 'I never saved, getting access to savings was too easy and I was always too busy to put little bits away! It was a case of there is money in the bank and whatever was left for next month just rolled over.'

As a busy working Dad things can get a little hectic, Plum has helped make saving hassle free. 'I don't have to think about saving money, it does it all for me. It understands my spending, I can forget about it and it just works! I do not notice the small amounts going out and am always pleased when I remember to check my savings!

In fact, he has managed to put those savings to good use and take a well earned holiday as well as a very special purchase.'We went away to Corfu, Greece. My partner (now Fianceé) and two daughters for two weeks. The majority of my savings are put towards treats for the family throughout the year, Cinema trips, Theme Parks etc, I did however, withdraw my savings and keep them aside so that I had enough for the ring (it had to be top top secret). The money I had saved without knowing comfortably payed over the half the price of the ring!'

He is now saving for his wedding, 'my Fiancée is now researching every Wedding Venue in the south of the UK and more fun days out with the family 'as they get older they seem to cost more money' 😅

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