Here at Plum, we love hearing what you think of us!

We often talk about the fact that Plum was built for you ⚙️ Listening to your feedback is a really important way for us to know if we’re getting things right, and also decide which fresh features to focus on first!

As a business we’re growing fast 🌱 One of the things that never fails to amaze the tame humans we recruit to join our ranks is the engaged and passionate community of Plumsters who support us in what we do.

We read every single review you write, but recently, there was one in particular that really got the tame humans thinking 🤔

It said, “Plum, I love what you do and I would love to be part of your mission. Set up a community and I’ll be the first there.” If this was your idea, then kudos… we liked the suggestion so much that we decided to do it!

A few glasses of Plum wine later and we had come up with the vision for our forum. A free space for all. Plum users or not. Somewhere to share knowledge and ideas for the benefit of the whole Plummunity 💜

In the forum, you can find updates on Plum news and features, details of future plans, and discussion on the wider world of finance and investing.

Most importantly of all though, it’s a place for your voice your opinions on the work we’re doing and the future direction of Plum 🧭

Our hope is that together we can build a product that we’re all proud of 💁

So don’t be shy! We actively encourage lively discussion, and the more you get involved by contributing, the more useful the forum will be for everyone.
You can check out our brand new Plummunity forum here.

If you'd like to learn more about Plum you can check out our website.

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