Have you ever googled the term personal finance?

A mind-boggling 1.6 billion results load in just 0.59 seconds!

Clearly there’s no shortage of quantity… but finding quality content suited to your specific goals could feel like looking for a needle in a haystack 🔎

To help save you time and assist in that search, we’ve cherry-picked (or rather plum-picked) a selection of our favourites👇

Paying off debt 💸

Vicky, the creator of I Beat Debt, started this blog having navigated her own personal battle with debt. She aims to use this personal experience to help others who may find themselves in a similar situation to her.

Vicky strikes a fine balance between tackling the theme of debt in a serious yet high-spirited way. Her blog is full of easy ways to make and save money, as well as recommendations, reviews and competitions.

Living on a smaller income 💰

Katie (of Katie Saves) talks openly about her journey with her readers, explaining how she now happily lives on an income that is significantly smaller than the one she was earning earlier in her life.

Her blog is liberally sprinkled with tips on how to live well on relatively low income, slash monthly bills, accurately track spending, and become eco-friendly on a tight budget.

Better household money management 🏡

Homely Economics handles the niche of household money management in a down-to-earth way. The author, an artist turned personal finance blogger, shares her tips and tricks on how to become a household guru 👼

She helps her readers through child maintenance and tax forms, gives guidance on how to stop wasting food, and provides tips for single parents too.

Her blog posts are nicely focused, well written, and genuinely useful, even for someone with previous experience in keeping a household ticking over.

Female financial independence 🩺

Dr Nikki, a.k.a The Female Money Doctor, uses her website to encourage financial independence amongst her readers.

As a qualified NHS doctor, she believes that it is hard to be truly healthy if you have money problems bubbling in the background.

Her website is split into an extensive freebies section, where she offers useful resources, and her blog, where she tackles relevant issues (such as how negative interest rates will affect you!).

Dr Nikki makes financial independence fun and has created a strong sense of community amongst her readers.

Investing 📈

Julie Cheung, author of Finance Girl, is an all-round investment enthusiast! Although not dedicated to finance, Finance Girl offers its readers a comprehensive section on investing.

Julie’s blog provides a fresh perspective on the theme of investing and its potential place in a personal finance plan. She provides a basic guide for beginners, and also introduces her readers to alternative strategies, such as investing in art 🖼

Most crucially though, Julie tackles these themes in a responsible way, warning her readers of any potential investment pitfalls. Combined with our beginners guide to investing, this is a great way for anyone to build their knowledge.

Always remember when investing that your capital is at risk.

Whatever your personal finances goals maybe, we’re sure that one of these wonderful bloggers will be able to help you along the way 🤝

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