Tis the season to feel jolly...and sort out your finances.

Every year as people recover from Christmas festivities and start thinking about the year ahead we see a big spike in people inviting their friends to Plum.

This year, to make it extra special, we are giving anyone who signs up via an invite link on the 27th-28th December a £5 welcome gift after 30 days of using Plum.

How does it work?

Just invite your friends as normal - by typing 'invite link' into Plum and sharing your link! This promotion will not change the invite bonus you receive for inviting them.

Once your pal completes sign-up using your link your friend can start using Plum, after 30 days they will get £5 deposited into their Plum savings.

It doesn't matter if your friend started the sign up process before so long as they complete sign up on the 27th or 28th December 2018.

Terms and conditions:

This offer is only available on the 27th and 28th December 2018 ending midnight. All invites which complete sign-up before or after this time will be on rewarded based on the usual referral scheme.

As with the usual referral scheme, please do use this in good faith. We can only continue to reward referrals if the system is used fairly. Please don't ruin it for everyone else.

This means not:

  • Inviting users who are already Plum users
  • Inviting users who create multiple accounts or doing so yourself
  • Misleading people about Plum and what it does
  • Inviting fictitious people
  • Inviting users who only intend to invite others rather than use Plum
  • Inviting users who intend to cancel once you/they have received a bonus