Time to be honest with ourselves. Do you really need to shop or are you just doing it because you don’t want to miss out on a bargain?

If you are anything like most people, pretty much the worst thing you can do for your bank balance is shop around on Black Friday, so if you don’t have anything on your wish list stay clear.

‘I work in retail and I see people buying items they don’t need and will never use just because they are on sale’ - @scottishsavings

Even our thrifty pros don’t always trust themselves on the big day, here is how they avoid temptation:

*'In the past, I have avoided all together only because I know exactly what I’m like. I am such a sucker. Something gets put into the ‘black Friday sale’ section on the website with a BIG red price tag and I think ‘oh yeah, bargain. In the past I haven’t found the bargains to be all that great for what I’ve wanted. I feel like the whole thing is built to make everyone panic buy without thinking about whether it’s a good deal or not.' - @mattresstomaison *

'If you are easily tempted, my advice is stay away from the shops altogether. In the words of Dave Ramsey “when you buy without a plan, emotions dictate your spending"' - @mummylifeonabudget

To avoid getting sucked in while innocently picking up some loo roll and milk, make sure you are fully stocked on all food and essentials before the big day so there is no need to go to the shops.

But Black Friday is everywhere now, how are you supposed to avoid all the ads and deals you get bombarded with on your devices?!

Don’t worry we will get through this together.


Keep busy, see fellow abstaining friends, watch that whole series on netflix again, cull your tagged photos.


'If you’re not looking to shop, turn off email notifications so you won’t be tempted.' - @athriftyfox

And if you still don’t trust yourself...

'Sign out of social media and switch off your email alerts.' - @thriftymummathriftybubba


'If you know that there is nothing you want or need, but as an emotional shopper you will struggle not to spend then you need to use avoidance tactics for the day. Turn off your internet connections and put yourself out of harms way.' - @FrugalFamilyUK

'Keep busy over the weekend. Ideally, put that laptop out of sight in a drawer or wardrobe where you would have to think twice before looking for it' - @ProseccoandLemonade


It’s only a bargain if you were going to buy it anyway.

'It’s not a saving if you are spending money you don’t have or could spend on something else you actually need.'- @frugalfamilyUK 'Don't be tempted to impulse buy. Black Friday is geared by producers to make you pay out in a short amount of time.' -@thriftymummathriftybubba

'No-one wants to get trampled on over an LOL Doll.'- @mymonekmakingmummy

'Would you still want and buy the item if it were full price? A deal for you may not be a deal for me. Decide on the maximum price you’re willing to pay for each item.'- @Financegirldaily 'Retailers are genius at making us believe we need something because it's on sale. You don't. We end up in debt, giving gifts that may not be needed or wanted and end up with a house full of stuff.' - @Mymoneymakingmummy

'And make an agreement with yourself to save an additional % on top what you spend.' - @athriftyfox

'Instead of ‘saving’ money on that new TV, think about how much more you could be earning to help you set yourself up for 2018!'- @mentalwealthgirl 'Consider the real cost of each item... and how you will feel about that purchase in the morning.'- @frugalfamilyUK

January sales

'Nowadays there are always bargains, deals and sales to be had all through the year. The sales after Christmas are usually the best time to get an investment piece such as household items.' - @Mymomenymakingmummy

Phew. That's all we have let us know if you have nay tips we missed and good luck!