Sometimes it seems that everyone in London is busy.

Or at least they tell themselves they are...

With so many things to do, bars and restaurants fighting for the pounds in your wallet, sometimes it can seem impossible to save money.

Don't worry! Gone are the days where saving money meant clipping coupons, not going out, and eating stale sandwiches every lunch. There are some ingenious ways that even the busiest of Londoners can make sure their bank balances stay rosy without the sacrifices.

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Go to Itsu 50% off before it closes

A little known fact, but this sushi joint reduces all of its food by 50% half an hour before the branch closes. Heading out of the office and want a delicious sushi box on your way out? Just pop into Itsu and nosh on your salmon sashimi on the tube home. It’s tasty, cheap, and you’ll get less angry looks than eating a Big Mac on the Bakerloo line.

Pay off debt before you put money in savings

If your interest rate is higher on your credit card debt than the return you’re getting on your savings — and it almost always will be — then you’re better off paying off your balance before trying to put money aside in a savings account.

Ditch Google Maps — get on CityMapper

Not only does Citymapper give you realtime updates on your journey, tell you what part of the tube to sit on to minimise your walking, and show you all the Boris Bikes, but it also tells you how much each journey will cost you. Quite often you’ll see that two journeys take the same time, but one is twice the price. How about that for a money saving app?

Do online food shopping

Buying your food online saves you hours every month, and removes some of the temptation to buy every ‘discounted’ chocolate bar on the corner of the aisle. Delivery costs as little as £1, and is often free if you spend enough (normally >£100). The best thing about it is that you only have to take the shopping from your front door to your kitchen, meaning no waiting in line and carrying everything back in the pouring rain.

Automate your savings

Ah, how could we forget? Plum is the automated savings assistant that learns your spending habits, and puts aside money for you automagically. Remembering to save can be hard sometimes (trust us — we know!), so let Plum do it for you. Trusted by thousands of Londoners, we like to think of Plum as your savings fairy godmother.

Or if you don’t believe in fairies, it’s an incredibly smart algorithm built by the early team of TransferWise and some MIT and CERN physicists that is smarter than any financial advisor money can buy.

Download Plum