daniella Mar 15 | Money

How I saved £4,973.63 in one year - Samuel Jefferies

We caught up with Samuel Jefferies, founder of www.moneynest.co.uk, about saving without making sacrifices.... Read post

daniella Mar 8 | Team

Plum Gals

Happy International Women's Day! For those who don't know, this year's theme is #pressforprogress, take a look and... Read post

Kevin Debien Mar 7 | Team

How Plum was founded

We were founded in 2016 with the mission of helping people to build their savings easily and more... Read post

daniella Mar 2 | Money

10 Ways to save at Uni

We aren't going to tell you to eat noodles (even though noodles are great). Here are some simple... Read post

Elise Nunn Feb 9 | Technology

Why does my account keep disconnecting from Plum?

It’s now well past the go-live date of Open Banking (13th January) and we’re still waiting... Read post

daniella Feb 2 | Product Updates

Oh, hello hidden bank fees

Here at Plum we are committed to our mission to make our users better off. We got sick... Read post

daniella Jan 31 | Technology

Our top 5 tools to save while you shop

Whether you are doing your weekly or fancy a bit or retail therapy, everyone would rather spend less... Read post

daniella Jan 4 | Community

Meet Nikki

We had a natter with doctor, blogger and Plumster Nikki Ramskill from Milton Keynes about why she is a Plum superfan!... Read post

daniella Jan 4 | Community

Meet Mark

We had a chat with tech recruiter, hummus addict and Plumster Mark McDaid from SW London to see what he thought about Plum.... Read post

daniella Jan 4 | Community

Meet Aaron

We caught up with vicar, pianist, and plumster Aaron Jackman from Saddleworth in rural Manchester to see how he was finding Plum.... Read post

daniella Jan 4 | Community

Meet Maxine

We had lunch with foodie, studio manager and Plumster Maxine from Notting Hill, London to see what she thinks about Plum.... Read post

Elise Nunn Dec 15 | Money

The banking revolution in the making (and why you should be excited about it)

Payment-related buzzwords are really in at the moment. PSD2. Open Banking. Open data. Open access. You name it.... Read post

daniella Dec 11 | Money

10 Ways to make Christmas affordable

With most of us having cashed our last paycheck before Christmas already, every penny counts. Here are our... Read post

daniella Nov 17 | Community

Black Friday Survival Guide - Part 2

If you think you want to give Black Friday a go and are looking for tips on the... Read post

daniella Nov 15 | Community

Black Friday Survival Guide - Part 1

Black Friday. The day where you can get the best deals and sort your Christmas shopping. Or is... Read post

daniella Nov 2 | Product Updates

NEW FEATURE ALERT: Big 6 beware, hassle free switching is here.

There’s a chill in the air but don’t worry, Plum has got your back. This time... Read post

daniella Oct 16 | Product Updates

Product Update: New Invite menu!

We have launched an invite area in the bot so you can keep track of your referrals and... Read post

daniella Oct 16 | Community

Referral tips from our top referrers

Everyone loves a little boost to their bank account, and naturally we all love to share our good... Read post

Joe Nye Oct 5 | Product Updates

Delivering Support at Scale: Introducing Plum's New Live Support

Here at Plum we're proud to have created a product that makes complex issues of personal money management... Read post

Robert Powell Sep 5 | Product Updates

Product update: Say hello to Plum’s new navigation 🎯

Today we’re launching a brand new navigation menu for Plum on Messenger! The new menu gives you... Read post

Robert Powell Jun 14 | Money

Home Truths: What no one tells you about getting a mortgage

If you’re thinking about buying your first home, you’re probably already feeling a mix of emotions... Read post

Robert Powell Jun 14 | Money

Clearing Your Debt: Why saving in your overdraft pays off

If you are already short on cash, the thought of starting to build your savings can seem unrealistic... Read post

Robert Powell Apr 19 | Community

6 Ways to get the holiday you want at the price you want

A few tips and tricks to help you get away for as little as possible. OK, we don’... Read post

Robert Powell Mar 17 | Money

5 Ways to keep your money-related stress at bay

Money is stressful. It’s easy to feel guilty about not saving enough, not earning enough and spending... Read post

Alex Michael Feb 23 | Money

Money and Mental Health

It’s a widely used statistic that 1 in 4 of us will struggle with our mental health... Read post

Alex Michael Feb 21 | Money

Banks behind the scenes: 5 things you always wanted to know about UK banks

Unless you’re cynical enough to keep all your money stashed in a tin under your mattress, chances... Read post

Robert Powell Feb 15 | Money

8 Facebook Messenger bots we love ❤

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ve probably heard something... Read post

Feb 10 | Product Updates

How does Plum know how much to save for you?

AKA — The Algorithm Plum’s algorithm was built with one objective in mind: Naturally, your spending varies from... Read post

Alex Michael Feb 8 | Technology

A tale of bank logins, transactions & security 🔒

Let’s begin by setting the scene. You hear about Plum from a friend, immediately think it’s... Read post

Robert Powell Feb 8 | Money

10 Weird things you can do to save money

Here at Plum our mission is helping people be better off any way they can. A big part... Read post