How Plum was born


Alex and I were bound to be friends. Both being from Cyprus, both living in London, and both working in tech, it was nearly impossible not to be! After all, not too many of us tick these boxes.

It turns out we had even more in common. Alex and I were earning similar salaries, believed in the power of technology to solve problems and like many “millennials” had no savings!

So, we set ourselves a challenge: who could save faster and smarter?

At the end of each month I put aside the money that was left over in my current account. Alex on the other hand, wrote a programme that calculated how much he could safely put aside throughout the month. Every few days the algorithm would calculate how much Alex could safely put aside, which he then transferred into his savings account.

After a few months, balances were checked...

Turns out, Alex had saved nearly double what I had! And without changing his spending habits or even having to remember to put money aside.

Clearly we were on to something. So we started building Plum! On this basis, I like to think we both won the challenge (just don’t ask Alex).

Victor Trokoudes

Co-founder, Plum


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