Effective from 06th April 2020 until 31 May 2020


Once you've referred over 15 friends with Plum, and have used our scheme in good faith, you will be gifted a £25 bonus for every 10 friends referred. For example, if you referred from 15 to 25 friends, you will in total receive £75 for doing so (£50 from the current referral scheme of £5 per signed-up users, plus the £25 bonus).

This offer will be for April and May 2020 only. Those eligible for this offer are placed on a short-list of Plum users and have been contacted directly so they are aware.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The term 'Plum super referrer' applies to Plum users who've successfully referred over 15 friends and have not breached our referral scheme T&Cs in the past.
  2. To qualify for this offer, Plum savers must successfully link their current account and remain “Active” after sign-up. “Active” users are defined as those who have not paused or cancelled their account.
  3. Qualifying users will receive a £25 bonus for every 10 successful referred tier, on top of the current scheme of £5 per successful referrer. This bonus will be deposited into their Plum account within 5 working days.

We can only continue to reward referrals if the system is used fairly and in good faith. In other words, please don't ruin it for everyone else.

Please refrain from:

  • Inviting users who are already Plum users,
  • Creating multiple accounts,
  • Inviting people to use Plum under false pretences (e.g. monetary reward),
  • Inviting fictitious people,
  • Inviting users who only intend to invite others rather than use Plum,
  • Inviting users who intend to cancel once you have received your bonus.

Plum reserves the right to limit the invite rewards if it suspects you did not use the invite program in good faith, or breached any of the above terms. In cases of suspected fraud, further action may be taken and your Plum account may be suspended and/or your bonus withheld from you.