This smart Messenger app puts money aside for you based on your income and spending - Here's how it works

We all know we should be saving and putting money aside for our future.

The hard part is knowing how much to put aside, keeping track of your spending, figuring out your budget, and remembering to actually do all the above every day/week/month/year... This is even harder when you are self-employed or have irregular or unpredictable income!

Luckily, there’s an easy and free way to put money aside which adapts to your income and spending automatically: Plum. Β 

Plum is recommended by Financial Times, BBC, and Money Saving Expert and has over 375,000 users in the UK.

Here's how it works:

1) You link Plum to your bank account so it can analyse your spending patterns and income. Using this, Plum calculates how much you can save without impacting your lifestyle.

2) Plum then puts small amounts aside automatically every few days which quickly add up to a nice stash. It is clever enough to adapt to your income, even when it comes in irregularly (time and amount-wise).

3) Even though it is automatic, you can still adjust how much you want to save or if needed, you can pause for a period of time. Β 

4) Plum will whir away in the background automatically moving money into your savings.

And reap the rewards down the line!

Try it now here - it's free.