This smart chatbot gets you out of your overdraft by saving for you automatically - and it's pretty awesome

We all know we should be saving money and put savings aside for future projects from things you want to buy, a house or retirement.

That's the easy part.

The hard part is knowing how much to put aside, keeping track of your spending, figuring out your budget and remembering to actually do all the above every day/week/month/year... Especially when you're on overdraft half of the time!

Luckily, there’s a free easy way to put money aside automatically based on your income and spending, which also adapts to your authorised overdrafts: Plum.

Recommended by Financial Times, BBC, and Money Saving Expert and with over 275,000 users in the UK.

Here's how it works:

1) You link Plum to your bank account so it can analyses your spending patterns and income. Using this, Plum calculates how much you can save without impacting your lifestyle.

2) Plum then puts small amounts aside automatically every few days which quickly add up to a nice stash. It is clever enough to help you save to get you out of your overdraft - just type 'overdraft'.

3) Add your authorised overdraft limit to start saving on overdraft and Plum will never save beyond that limit. That way, Plum keeps saving and you can use it to pay off your overdraft and start using it less and less. Plum always recalculates, so will use less and less of your overdraft to save as you use less of it. Gradually saving your way out of it for good.

4) Plum will whir away in the background automatically moving money into your savings.

5) Plum will also notify you when you are paying bank fees due to your overdraft, so you can fix it with your bank! Say no more to ridiculous overdraft fees.

Try it now here - it's free.