daniella May 21 | Community

Meet Elle

We checked in with wholesale allocations assistant, netballer and Plumster Elle Frost from Brixton about why she uses... Read post

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Meet Amanda

We caught up with analyst, globe trotter, and one of our first ever Plumsters about what made her... Read post

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Let's be Pals. Plum Pals.

It's finally here! We are pretty excited to announce our brand ambassador programme! After LOTS of feedback and... Read post

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How I saved £4,973.63 in one year - Samuel Jefferies

We caught up with Samuel Jefferies, founder of, about saving without making sacrifices.... Read post

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Meet Nikki

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Meet Mark

We had a chat with tech recruiter, hummus addict and Plumster Mark McDaid from SW London to see what he thought about Plum.... Read post

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Meet Aaron

We caught up with vicar, pianist, and plumster Aaron Jackman from Saddleworth in rural Manchester to see how he was finding Plum.... Read post

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Meet Maxine

We had lunch with foodie, studio manager and Plumster Maxine from Notting Hill, London to see what she thinks about Plum.... Read post

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Referral tips from our top referrers

Everyone loves a little boost to their bank account, and naturally we all love to share our good... Read post

Alex Michael Feb 23 | Money

Money and Mental Health

CTO and Co-Founder Alex talks about mental health, money and how Plum is here to help. Plum is... Read post