Plum was built for you. And since the very early days of Plum’s history, word-of-mouth reviews and recommendations have been an essential part of our growth. We consider ourselves very lucky for the support of our loyal Plumsters, so it’s only natural that we should want to say thank you! 🙇‍♂️

One way we previously did this was through our referral scheme. You know the drill, get your friends and family to sign-up using your link, so you can earn a few quid whilst also doing them a good turn 💜 That sounds like a win-win situation… and up to now it has worked quite nicely.

However, as Plum has grown, we’ve had to develop new ways of spreading the word about what we do to more people 📣 It has also become apparent that we need to make the referral scheme more cost-effective if we’re to continue using it as a way to scale the business.

So, from 27th November we’re changing our referral scheme. We will now pay £15 for each 3 successful invites (instead of £25) made using your code, up to a maximum of 15. Once a total of 15 referrals has been made, we will then pay an additional £5 for each successful referral (this aspect remains unchanged from the current system). Successful referrals will be paid directly into your Plum savings within 5 working days.

As was the case with the previous referral scheme, invites are deemed to be successful when a new user completes sign-up and links their bank account to Plum with auto-stashes enabled.

You can learn more about referring friends to use Plum here.

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