We built Plum investments for those of you looking for an opportunity to grow your money. Our simple range of funds have always presented a really quick and intuitive way to start investing, but you told us that you wanted more choice!

We’ve now expanded the range of investment funds we offer, with four entirely new options to choose from 🤔 This means you can now customise your portfolio like never before, and be sure you’re investing in what matters to you.

Why Invest in Funds?

Because your investment is concentrated in one company, buying single stocks can be risky business… not to mention a confusing one! That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you, and instead offer a simple range of diversified ‘funds’.

These funds are professionally managed portfolios containing many different companies, so while your capital is still at risk, that risk is spread. Therefore if one company underperforms, this should hopefully be counteracted by others in the portfolio. Crucially though… your investment eggs aren't all in one basket! 🐣

What New Funds Do We Offer?

We’ve carefully selected a range of diversified funds, because we want Plum investments to be super-easy, and such funds are often considered to be a good choice for new investors (see the benefits of funds above 👆). We’ve also focussed on investment options that are in growth industries, or high-growth economies.

As of 04/12/2019

American Dream

American Dream Key Investor Document here.

Start investing in the American Dream fund here.

Best of British

Best of British Key Investor Document here.

Start investing in the Best of British fund here.

European Essentials

European Essentials Key Investor Document here.

Start investing in the European Essentials fund here.

The Medic

The Medic Key Investor Document here.

Start investing in The Medic fund here.

What Other Options Are Available?

In bringing you these new investment options, we decided to also do a little rebranding of the existing funds that we offer. Nothing related to the underlying investments has changed though, the only difference is the name ✏️

Tech Giants (previously 'Tech Fund')

Tech Giants Key Investor Document here.

Start investing in the Tech Giants fund here.

Rising Stars (Previously 'Emerging Markets')

Rising Stars Key Investor Document here.

Start investing in the Rising Stars fund here.

Clean & Green (Previously 'Ethical')

Clean & Green Key Investor Document here.

Start investing in the Clean & Green fund here.

Slow & Steady (Previously 'Conservative')

Slow & Steady Key Investor Document here.

Start investing in the Slow & Steady fund here.

Balanced Bundle (Previously 'Balanced Fund')

Balanced Bundle Key Investor Document here.

Start investing in the Balanced Bundle fund here.

Growth Stack (Previously 'Growth Fund')

Growth Stack Key Investor Document here.

Start investing in the Growth Stack fund here.

Are there any fees?

Plum is completely free until you decide to invest. Although investments is a paid feature, we’ve tried to ensure the process is intuitive and that all fees are totally transparent… whether you invest £50 or £5,000!

Further to this, you will only be charged if you hold money in your Plum investments. If your investment balance is £0 we’ll automatically pause your subscription and you will not be charged for the service. Here’s an overview of the key features:

  • £1.00 a month (your first month is free)
  • 0.53% annual average fund management and provider fee*
  • No hidden transaction or trading costs
  • No hidden withdrawal costs (or limits), or exit costs

For example, if you invest £1,000 in the American Dream fund, this would cost you £14.30 per year, regardless of how many buy or sell orders you place!

*This includes a fund management fee of 0.15% which goes to our technology partner, as well as a 0.08%-0.90% fund provider fee (the precise fee is dependent on the funds you choose to invest in).

Both your subscriptions fee and fund management fees are charged annually, billed monthly, and automatically reflected in your portfolio balance. Fees will be taken from your bank account by direct debit, with your investment subscription taken on the monthly anniversary of your first deposit (remember though that your first month is free!).

If you'd like to learn more about investing with Plum then you can check out our website.

Or get started with Plum investments here (the first month is free 😮).

Remember, your capital is at risk if you choose to invest, and past performance is not indicative of future results.