Where’s My Piggy Bank? 🐖

Do you remember saving when you were a kid? Putting those few odd coppers in your piggy bank made you feel like a millionaire, right? 🤑 That introduction to putting money away teaches us that even ‘throwaway’ change can add up to something meaningful with a little persistence!

At Plum, we want you to be able to treat yourself... but we believe you can set money aside without hoarding metal coins! Most of you have already fallen in love with our auto-stashing algorithm, but Round Ups lets you replicate the spirit of penny-saving… minus all the grubby spare-change 💰

How Do I Round Up My Loose Change?

Whether you feel you've lost the spirit of saving or would simply like to supercharge your existing contributions, ‘Round Ups’ could be just the thing for you!

Once you enable this rule, we’ll automatically round up (funny that) each transaction to the nearest whole pound, then add that extra amount to your Plum account. Think of it as a piggy bank that your older sister can’t raid ✋ If you’re already signed up to Plum, here’s what to do:

  • Messenger: Type or tap ‘Brain’ from the main menu, then toggle on through ‘Rules’
  • App: Tap the 'Brain' section and then switch on 'Round Up' under ‘Rules’

What Else?

If you like the idea of Round Ups... but feel they’re just not HARDCORE enough, we created ‘Pound Ups’! 👊 Once enabled, Pound Ups will put away an additional £1 for any transactions that are already whole amounts (i.e. a £5.00 purchase will set aside an additional £1.00).

Whether you’re using Round Ups or Pound Ups, we will combine all these additional amounts and transfer them to your Plum account as a lump sum, once per week.

If you're looking for some help with your finances then you can check out our website to learn more about how Plum can help.

Plum is available through Messenger or as an app for Android and iOS.